Responsive Web Design

Recently, mobile search has outpaced traditional desktop search. That means that more people are searching on a mobile devices (tablet or smart phone) than on desktop or laptop computers. More people are searching for your services on their phone than they are on their computers. You need a website that looks great and is easy to navigate on all platforms.

Every website designed here at Lead Spring Marketing is designed to have a great, simple, clean form factor on every single device capable of searching on Google. If your website is not mobile device responsive, users will not stay on the site. Every user will immediately hit the back button and click on the next website. You lose customers when your site is not mobile responsive. You lose MORE THAN HALF of potential customers just by having a site that doesn’t cater to smart phone Google Searches.

If you are asking yourself the question “Who can build a website for my business?”, Lead Spring Marketing is the answer. We cover every base needed by small businesses to generate more online leads for your right now. A clean and easy to navigate website that is mobile responsive and shows a call to action on every page is essential to getting those possible customers to call or message you quickly. We will have your phone number in easy access locations on the page so that any prospective customer can just touch or click to call you immediately.