Google Maps Ranking

Google Maps is the source of the highest volume of leads for local services. When someone needs a particular service, they Google the name of the service and the town or city they are in. The results page returns some paid advertisements at the top, and then directly below that are three results from Google Maps. Those three results receive 70% of the phone calls.


Getting your business into that top 3 group of businesses locally for relevant keywords is ESSENTIAL if you want to grow your business in the Greenville-Spartanburg area. At Lead Spring Marketing, we have specific Google Maps based strategies to get you to the top of maps results for every keyword results page. This will massively increase your call volume. More calls equals = more sales = more revenue. This allows our services to be the bill that pays all of your other bills!

How to rank your Google Maps listing:

The first of which is how well is your Google My Business listing built. Is your listing verified? Do you have 10+ photos posted in each category available? Do you have something in every optional field when describing your business? Are your hours posted? Is your website connected to your maps posting? Is your phone number posted correctly on the listing? Do you have a website? (HINT: YOU NEED A WEBSITE TO EVEN HAVE A CHANCE AT GETTING MASSIVE LEADS ONLINE)

The second factor in ranking your Google My Business listings is how many other places your business is listed. Having your business listed on Bing, Angie’s List, Yelp, FourSquare, etc is absolutely essential. Each of those other places that your business is listed adds “juice” to your Google Maps listing. Most other businesses have 5-20 of these other “citations” online that are linked to their google maps listings. We link 60-200 citations to your Google Maps listing and that blows your competition out of the water. All it takes for the citations to link to your Google My Business listing is for the Name, Address, and Phone number to be the EXACT SAME as your Google Maps listing. Google finds them and understands that they are the same business automatically.