About Us

My name is Michael Gasser and I started Lead Spring Marketing to help grow local small businesses. I am a 10 year Army Veteran and I believe in the American Dream. A big part of that dream is the entrepreneurial drive of small business owners. I run a small business that serves other small businesses.

I take pride in giving my partnered businesses complete dedication, hard work, integrity, and 24/7 availability. All of that is backed by my expertise in generating a massive influx of leads to help you grow your business to any level you envision.

Lead Spring Marketing is a small local company and we do web based lead generation. Our web design has one single focus, and that is to get your phone ringing with more customers who want your services. We take a different approach than the big marketing and web design firms. Our focus is on beating your local competition to the top of google search. We will develop and build you a website to accomplish anything your business needs from showcasing your work to scheduling and processing payments. We will build out and rank your Google Maps listing to get you to the top of maps search. We will also create stand alone lead generations sites that focus customers in any market to you now.

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5 Step SEO

Website Redesign and Launch

Competitive Keyword Research Custom Responsive Web Design Content Copywriting Register Sitemap for Indexing


Google Maps Acceleration

Local Citations Created Citations Verified/Indexed Maps Listing Overhaul Long Term Listing Review Plan


Assessment and Goal Setting

Evaluate Search/Maps Placement Establish Ranking Goals Schedule New Content Creation Adjust Review Results as Needed


Updates/Placement Anchoring

Update All Content Monthly Continue Review Strategy Backlinking to Anchor Placement 2nd Round of Influence Linking